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    Care & Maintenance


    Washing & Care Instructions

    Stainless steel, although stain & rust resistant is not impervious to water. We strongly suggest you hand wash and wipe the blade completely dry after each use. Corrosion can occur if stuck on food or moisture is left to sit on the blade overnight. This is a quality investment piece and by taking the proper precautions you will enjoy many years of stress free service. Do not use the knife on hard objects and on surfaces such as granite or glass cutting boards.



    Please remember, that you must re-sharpen the knife blade periodically. If you are using a sharpening stone or round sharpener, please keep the correct blade angle while sharpening. If you feel the knife snagging a bit, the blade just needs a little stropping or honing, not re-sharpening.


    If you have any more questions about the care and maintenance of our knives, please read our FAQ or contact us.

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