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    Samurai Series
    Yuri Smith
    Samurai Series Knife Set Scores!

    Purchased the Samurai Series knife set as a gift for myself. I was tired of knives that lost their sharpness! The Samurai Series set brought back the joy of cooking for me.
    Even my husband loves these knives! They are so well- made and beautiful that I have
    them displayed on the Kanzen magnetic knife holder board. In addition to making cooking fun again, they are a work of art and deserve to be displayed! Highly recommend these knives if you’re looking for great knives that are beautiful and extremely efficient, as well! You won’t be disappointed!

    Samurai Series
    Noel Hutchinson

    Very good quality and sharpness

    Samurai Series
    Robin Woliter
    Eventually they arrived

    The quality of the knives is excellent. But the wait was becoming annoying.

    Samurai Series
    Mick Stevens
    Gave as a gift

    We bought the knives as a gift and they loved the knives. They even bought an under the counter pull-out knife rack for them.

    Very sharp knives. I love it

    Samurai Series
    Clarissa Campbell
    Beautiful Knives exceptionally sharp

    They are beautifully crafted knives, well worth every penny. I brought them for my husband and he loves them, the design and feel is top quality i can not fault them. Be warned they are very sharp knives, glides smoothly through steak and other meats. 10/10

    Crystal Series
    Bruce Kay
    Great Knives

    Lovely knifes, and very sharp, time will tell how long they last but I hope for many years. Took 30 days for delivery but I guess they came from China.
    I have them on display on a magnetic board has love the handles.

    Crystal Series
    Stephen Taylor
    Kanzen crystal

    Superb knives. I am chartered engineer and know my steel so researched these well. Good value for money. Superb balance, finish, fit in hand, sharpness and edge retention. I can see these lasting a long time. You will not be disappointed

    Samurai Series
    Javier Santiago
    Very good product.

    The knives very well, I also acquired the magnetic stand, which is also of good quality. Only the shipping method seemed slow and a little bit insecure, but at the end everything was fine.

    Samurai Series
    Frances Borrill
    Fabulous knives

    Fabulous knives so so sharp ,look great best knives I’ve ever used

    Premium Knife Stand
    Marcos Aparicio

    Excellent Product!!! Thank's

    Samurai Series
    Ronald Bell
    Beautiful, sturdy and functional knife set.

    They came sharp but I gave them two rounds each on a steel. The cutting edge smoothed out and the really sharpened up. I have them in a travel case as I need good cutlery when I travel. A steal for the price!

    Crystal Series
    Veronica Sindonen
    Crystal Series knives

    Best knives I've ever used. Working with them is pure pleasure. These are not just high quality knives that are sharp and having ergonomic handle. They are incredibly beautiful.

    Samurai Series
    Romone Bates
    Great knives

    I usually don't order knives online but I'm so glad I took a chance and ordered them!! Good quality and really sharp.

    Samurai Series
    Dave A Stanway
    Kanzen Knives Set.

    Love them they are the best knives I have ever had. Stylish to look at on my knife rack and extremely sharp combined with positive grip hands. I would recommend them has good value for money and a must buy knife set without a doubt. I am one happy and delighted customer, thank you for your product.

    Samurai Series
    Annie Finch
    Good looking knives

    I have bought 1 set of 8 knives, Samurai Series haven't use all of them yet but the ones I had used so far is great.

    Samurai Series
    Mario Cason
    Great knives

    Very good looking Knives Great little investment very handy to have specially when you come to preparation in my Kitchen

    Samurai Series
    Garry Begeng
    Fantastic Value

    A complete set of high quality, impressive looking knives. Have yet to see how long the edge will stay sharp but so far so good.

    Crystal Series
    Maizie Mueller

    I am a chef and these knives are just on another level. Folded steel and a beautiful robust handle with a good weight balance. Looking forward to using them every day!

    Crystal Series
    Hari Marriott

    The Crystal Series knives are so sharp, beautiful and unique! 10/10 exceeded all expectations

    Crystal Series
    Matteo Findlay


    Dynasty Series
    Zuzanna Brook

    I am a chef and this just exceeds all my expectations. Sharp edge and good weight balance. Looking forward to using them commercially.

    Dynasty Series
    Tyrone Mcmanus

    incredible quality

    Dynasty Series
    Clodagh A Barnes

    So awesome! The Dynasty knives are so freaking sharp, awesome and beautiful. I am glad I deciced to buy, Thank you KANZEN.

    Samurai Series
    Cydney Heller

    Cool! Always wanted a sharp quality knife, got me one! Thanks

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